DW Fishing Vest

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The Dallaswear multi pocket fishing vest is the perfect way of keeping all you fishing tackle close to hand. The ample storage space makes our fishing vest ideal to replace a fishing box or bag when stalking or river fishing. This rugged and versatile fishing vest is lightweight to ensure comfort in warm weather and can be accompanied by a jacket in cooler weather to ensure ease of use all year round. This waistcoat is constructed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton to ensure it is long lasting and washes well. 

The fishing vest includes a total of 13 pockets to allow you to carry everything you need for a successful day on the water, the different sizes and positions of the pockets ales ensure this is done in an organised and convenient way. The fishing vest feature plastic zips to ensure no damage when exposed to salt water making them perfect for sea fishing. 

The rear zip pocket is large enough to store things such as the lightweight set of waterproofs in the related product link bellow should you be caught with an unexpected shower. We also advise keeping your phone, keys and wallet in a waterproof bag as while falling in seems unlikely it is a folly that befalls most of us at some time or anther.  


The exterior of our jacket features two velcro breast pockets with D rings, two velcro rib pockets, two zip waist pockets, three waist level velcro pockets and one extra large zip pocket at the rear. The jacket also features two internal waist level pockets and one chest level zip mobile phone pocket. 


Finally the fishing vest also features a shoulder epaulette / shoulder strap with press stud.