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The classic Harrington jacket has become a staple garments since its popularisation in the 1960's. This bomber style jacket jacket ow's much of its stardom to a few popular faces at the time, with stars such as Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Steve McQueen all picture wearing the iconic garment. The Harrington also quickly became popular in the UK among the mod subculture.  This traditionally styled jacket is often warn with a polo shirt and is defined by its silhouette, tartan lining and distinctive collar. The Harrington was first designed as a workwear garment but has become more of a fashion piece.  This summer style harrington jacket is ideal for evening strolls in the town or country.  



The Urban Couture Clothing Harrington Jacket is available in eight attractive colours including : Blue, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Beige, Green, Navy and Sky Blue. The Harrington comes in size XS - 5XL.